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Mobile commerce

With Mobile commerce or Mcommerce, customers can browse and buy through a mobile optimised version of the ecommerce website, just like as if they were buying on the web. Thanks to the latest smartphones, more and more shoppers are using mobile phones to buy products online. Mcommerce is confirmed to be one of the fastest growing channels for product search and online sales.

Mobile ecommerce is very similar to ecommerce except the access is done through a mobile phone. Today, mobile commerce sales account approximately 7% of the total sales, which occur on ecommerce. The adaption of tablets and smart phones will have a huge impact to increase the usage of mcommerce for purchasing products and services. Companies Web Design updates its services according to the changing technologies. The decision for you to create a mobile commerce website will depend upon numerous factors like the products and services you are dealing in, target customers, investment required, conversion rates, competition and many other factors. So be ready to ride the top of that wave.

With the help of Mcommerce, you will be able to connect to your perspective clients anywhere and at any point of time; It'ss just like a retail store in your customer's pocket. Since 2013, 29% users are purchasing various services and products on their mobile phones, whilst 40% visits of online shopping are via smartphones. So this shows how crucial it is to build a mobile commerce website.

Companies Web Design's efficient staff members have the niche and talent to deliver outstanding mcommerce websites according to your imagination and desires. Contact us today for more information on our mobile ecommerce prices.

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