Why Google Recommends A Responsive Website Design?


With the use of Smartphone and tablets increasing by the minute, the adaptability of websites also require changes to these new times. If SEO is an important component of your digital marketing strategy, have a sensitive mobile website is something that cannot be missed.

With a 67% share of the search market, when Google speaks, online vendors selling listen. Google says the responsive web design is suitable for mobile settings, and even claims that responsive website design is the best practice to do.

This is because website design that respond with the same URL and the same HTML regardless of the device where it is displayed, which makes it easier and more efficient to Google, the power to crawl the site, index and organize content. Unlike an adapted mobile site that has a URL and different design desktop HTML, making it difficult for Google to crawl and index multiple versions of the same site.

Google also prefers the responsive web design because content that offers a website with a single URL is much easier for users to share, interact with others and link content such as a separate mobile site design.

The king of search engines, Google, not only recommended responsive web designs as the best way to target users with mobile devices, but also conducive to optimized mobile websites. Some of the reasons that Google recommended website design are:

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1. A Web page, a URL

Previously, cheap ecommerce website achieved redirect to provide an improved user experience with two web pages, one for PCs and laptops, one for mobile sites had, which was necessary to have double content (equal), and two URL. This is frowned upon by Google, as it has duplicate content, so it is better to have a single website, and a single URL.

2. Reduce the dropout rate

Although cheap ecommerce website can achieve a good position, but if you have a large number of dropouts, Google can take it as a bad sign, since according to the guidelines of Google, the website could not be presenting quality information, or there is some factor that does not provide a better user experience.

3. Bounce Rate

The structure and responsive design are two great tools that website Design Company use to improve the percentage of output or neglect on any website.

3. Reduce load speed

In the responsive design it is important to reduce the number of requests, file sizes and other factors that may be considered excessive weight to load a website. With responsive design, website Design Company can ensure improved loading speed, which is one of the many factors that Google positioning values.

4. Improves Positioning for mobile search

Did you know the trend of using mobile devices to search, it is high? By using a responsive design on a website, we can take advantage over the competition. With a responsive design, you can improve the CTR on mobile search.

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