What are the four pillars of a content marketing team?

In today’s internet marketing world, it is more important to have the right contents. Everything in this marketing business develops around the kind of content you have on your website. Your actual marketing becomes a secondary instrument in gathering the customers you are looking for.

Need for content marketing team for a website

The contents of one website are the material which draws the search engine bots to crawl information which results in the high ranks in the search engine result. Reading these contents only a customer will give a thought whether to take your service or not. For this you would need a content marketing team. The basic functions of the content marketing team of the websites can be classified as:

• Business strategy
• Writing the content.
• Online marketing and SEO
• Client interaction

It simply encompasses the complete marketing system your websites will stand on. To be able to develop the proper content marketing team, which will produce the contents to bring your website to the limelight, you would need four key ingredients in your team.

The Strategist

This will form the part of the team that will actually lay the foundation for the content marketing for your website. In general this part of the team can again be classified into two subgroups.
Business strategist – These are the people who will be looking into the needs of the company and the business aspect of the company and its website. They will guide your content developers in the direction that will help them make contents fit for your business goals.
Content strategist – This part of the team will play as the link between the core business and the content. They are like the business strategist with the only difference being they will be more tilted towards development part rather than the business part.

Writers and creative team

Next in the order comes the writer. They will implement the guidelines of the strategist in their productions. They will sum up the information from the business strategists and content strategist to understand the type of work your website required and work accordingly. These writers need to be familiarized with the type of business your company does. This will help in their understanding of the business better and result in better output on their half. And more importantly, they should be proficient writers able to provide output in the amount and time you want.

ontent marketing four pillars

ontent marketing four pillars

SEO Pros

Next group in the team has the job to make your contents get higher ranks in the search engines. They will take the production of the writers and apply the basic and advance rules of SEO optimisation to make that content such that it gets better response from the search engine bots and resulting in the better ranks.

Customer Gurus

These are basically the group of people who will analyze the response each type of content and SEO optimisation, is getting on your website. You may think the content is fit for the marketing purpose, but the consumers might not take the content like you have taken. Which contents stay, which gets modified, this team takes the call. Moreover, with change in time the needs and responses of a customer changes. To keep up with that, you would need someone to analyze these changing trends.

Now you know the four basic elements that you would need to have on your content marketing team to make it fit enough to make your website worth marketing through. Now you have to decide which teams to strengthen and which teams you lack. Now, it is up to you make a perfectly balanced team to get the best output possible for your website.