10 Reasons Your Website is Losing Attention – And Precautions to Be Taken to Prevent it

If you are wondering about why your website is not getting any visitors, the chances are that it is on account of the design or there is some other flaw. Read on to know more.

Whether you have an online business or just a blog, online traffic plays an important role in determining the success of your venture. And if you are getting increasingly worried about how your website is not receiving any visitors but your competition seems to be doing well – chances are something’s wrong with your website and you need to tweak it, asap. Here are a few reasons as to why your website is not doing as well as you had hoped.

Content is king

Content is king


Good content always draws in the traffic, and lousy content, one that’s rife with spelling issues, typos and even incomprehensible sentences is not going to convince anyone to stay put. So make sure that the content you have on your website stands out for the right reasons and above all, provides value to the reader. For example, you could offer your audience a free guide to buying premium real estate cheap or something along those lines – the point being that the gift in question appeals to your target audience, enough to get them interested so that they’ll check it out.

Web design matters

Web Design Matters


To say that web design matters would be understating it, without a good web design in place, visitors are bound to lose interest in the website rather quickly. It is important that you tweak the design you have in place at the moment, contact a professional web design company, and ask them to do a demo and choose one that appeals the most to you. Without a good web design in place, you will lose visitors and valuable leads quickly, so make sure that you prioritise tweaking the web design. Just google “web designers London” and you should be able to locate a few top web design companies, near your current location.

Speed counts


Let’s say that you have good content in place, and your design is great, but yet, you feel that your traffic has not improved much. One of the reasons could be on account of the lousy speed at which your website loads – you will need to ensure that your website loads fast, as studies have shown that visitors prefer fast loading websites to slower ones.



When you hire a professional web design company to give your website a makeover, make sure that they pay special attention to ensuring that your site is easy to navigate. If valuable leads find it difficult to click back to your home page or to the payment gateway, then your sales will drop. So make sure that your website is easy to navigate at all times, and that visitors are able to get all the information they need, at the click of the mouse. This should convince them to pay a return call to your website, at the earliest.

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