Google Rank Brain and its Effects on SEO


Recently, from an interview published by Bloomberg, in which Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist at Google stated Google betrays new machine learning algorithm” some millions of queries that people type into Google have been interpreted by using an artificial intelligence structure, nicknamed as Rank Brain. They also stated that Rank Brain has now turned out to be the third-most significant signal contributing to the result of a search query.

Definition of Rank Brain

Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence system invented by Google that aids to process its search results using machine learning.

Machine learning is mainly a form of Artificial Intelligence(AI), where processor programs are created in such a way that can instruct themselves how to develop and change when they undergone to various types of search queries. Rank Brain is apparently more effective at sussing out the significance behind complicated and vague queries.

Working Phenomenon of Rank Brain

Rank Brain can pierce large amounts of written data into mathematical entities into a set-up that a computer can recognize. If the Rank Brain sees a word which is not familiar with, using this information it can presume the words or phrases that have a similar meaning and filter the results consequently.

What purpose does it serve?

Basically, it’s used for handling uncertain or inimitable questions that have never been submitted to Google search engine before.

Clearly there is a necessity to use machine learning process to cope with the complete demand of its customers. Rank Brain is also showing major signs of improving on Google’s own search engineers. The search software was asked to gaze at different pages and predict which pages would be ranked at the apex of the Google search results. The humans guessed exactly 70% of the time, Rank Brain guessed accurately 80% of the time.

Google uses hundreds of “signals” designed to bring clients the most functional search results, of which Rank Brain is only one. But according to the company, it’s previously turned out to be tremendously effective will stand as the third-most important signal contributing to results.

Affects of Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence (AI) on SEO

If you are using proper White-Hat SEO techniques, your website will definitely rank on Google search engine. Optimizing onsite and creating great user attractive content is what Google truly wants to see. It may drive you a while to rank, but let it come logically. This will help you to ensure your ranking to be stagnant in Google search engine results. Just be careful that you are not going for any black hat SEO techniques.

Eventually, Google’s algorithm may grow at a rapidity that even Google developers cannot maintain up with what the search engine is doing exactly. At this point of time, we would have to put effort on generating experiments to know what ranking factors really matter to Google’s brain. We may ultimately discover that SEO & site optimization are much trickier than we could predict. In my belief, it’s easier to give clients exactly what they’re looking for. If you have grand content and immense user experience, wouldn’t agonize as much about what Google wants. And well, customers being happy are never a bad thing.