Future Of Gestural Search And Leap Motion

Some of the leap motion controllers were launched recently and many persons felt that this was suitable for playing games. Just by the moment of your hands within eight feet you will be able to control your screen and select options. At this time the popularity of this technology is nil. But, by next year this would become popular. And the distance to control the devices will also become more.
When leap motion controllers has been launched for the general public in this spring their response was at its best. Some journalists admitted that it is suitable for gaming and nothing else. The awareness of the launch of these leap motion controllers was zero. It has been understood that leap controllers did not make a huge impact when they were launched for the first time. This item was introduced in a surreptitious manner and marketing efforts have targeted the whole community of designers. This was considered to be a good strategy.

To make the people to learn and adapt the concept of leap controllers and gestural interfaces they have to create some applications. And obviously, the functionalities in it have to be integrated with multiple devices platforms.

Hardware integrations are going to get launched as soon as the HP laptop comes out in the market. You will get to see leap navigations developed into connected televisions. Digital home displays, gaming systems and kiosks.

It is not a doubt that once functionality has come in the development community will explode several ideas. And these ideas will be related to search centric. For instance:

Information Retrieval And Finding Ways For Public Places

Malls, public places, hotels and many other commercial areas will be benefiting by enabling the visitors to navigate and manipulate large formatting map displays from a little bit of distance and by zooming in the details just by pointing.

Gestural Search

Gestural Search

Interactive Campaigns

Just imagine the people without touching the screen and keeping a distance will be able to click and view images and videos, search contents, play games and do many more things. Currently the leap motion hardware’s are having a distance limit of 8 feet but as the time passes the hardware limitations will be expanding too much longer distances, which will extend their capability to larger versions.

Business Presenting

With the help of leap motion and gestural search the business presentations will become much easier. The presenter can easily change elements without physically touching the screen, mouse or the keywords, which will ultimately enable him to give presentation in a quick and accurate manner. So, by this the presenter will be in comfort and ease while sharing his or her material.


These technologies will be mostly used for televisions because anyone would like to control their television without remote controls. Just by sitting on a sofa they will be able to select the channel of their choice, which would be really exciting the people and there are many more potential benefits for many brands.

Today, many people are watching their televisions using their tablet phones and smart phones. If you want to purchase a product just by the moment of your hand you will be able to buy or get information of the product. Leap controllers will become popular among the public may be by next year. Now, without touching the video screen you will be able to operate the system. But, many persons still believe that these technologies will be suitable only to play come games.