9 Expensive London Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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web design londonWhen revamping or creating your web design, businesses often make mistakes that are heavy on the pocket. Here are 9 of the most common ones that one can avoid to help them create a much more optimized website.

Be it small or large scale business, web design has become an integral part of any organisation’s revenue model. However, many times, business owners go for what looks good to them rather than what might work for their target customers.

As hiring web designers london isn’t an inexpensive ordeal, one should always keep in mind of what works on the receiving end of any business.

This article is directed to become a beacon and light the path of new entrepreneurs who might fall prey to these 9 expensive mistakes that’ll definitely punch a hole in their pocket.

  1. No Website Index

Having a website with no effective and clear index page would be an unforgivable curse in the Harry Potter universe. If a business owner wants his/her traffic to find what they need and came for on his/her website, then this is of paramount importance.

  1. No Logo

People looking for web design London services should know: logos make brands.

An effective logo could imprint your customer’s brain more than text ever will. One should make sure that the logo represents the brand perfectly and isn’t a wild arrow that missed its mark.

  1. Not creating Query or Feedback Ticket

Having a query and feedback ticket on one’s website creates trustworthiness of your business. It makes clients and visitors feel that the company cares about their opinions and is always open for interaction.

  1. Not making it mobile friendly

Since mobile is the go-to surfing device today, making a mobile-friendly website isn’t an option anymore. After spending a tonne on creating an attractive web presence, this often becomes a bane for businesses; just don’t make it yours.

  1. Replicating competitor’s style

It might have worked well for them, but that doesn’t mean yours has to follow a template. Many business owners don’t understand the proportionality of brand recall with uniqueness. The more it stands out while sending out the right message, the better for one’s business.

  1. Too extravagant

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and seasoned businessmen alike get carried away in making their web impact impressive. However, extravagant designs are a double-edged sword and might not click with your business (and expenses). Often, sticking to the basics is more beneficial because less is more.

  1. Contact info hard to find

If visitors find your services and website attractive, then the first thing they are going to look for is contact info. Don’t put it up in a corner where it’s hard to locate unless you don’t want business from your website!

  1. Not the right colour combination

If web designers don’t make your website with the correct colour combination and your content is hard to read, bounce rate will increase. Make sure that background and fonts are in contrast and the colours appealing and soothing to the eye.

  1. Not enough visual stimulation

Use of images and infographics doesn’t only make your pages attractive; it also makes it easier for your visitors to process the message. Keep this in mind when you hire web design London services.

Avoiding these 9 web design london mistakes will definitely optimize one’s web presence. Also, it will put your hard earned investment to good use by actually directing revenue towards your trade. In the end, it will all be worth it!