Worried about Google pigeon algorithm update?

Google has recently launched Pigeon algorithm. Do you need to be really concerned about it for your business? Are you worried about this new Google update? Taking proper steps can help the business to maintain their ranking and keep up the online presence. The main objective of updated algorithm is to focus on offering useful, accurate and relevant local search results that would further tie up with traditional web ranking signals. Website design companies will now focus on updated algorithm to ensure better ranking of businesses.

With this recent update certain changes have been brought into action. Google will be more concerned about using accurate location of business into search results and this will improve location ranking parameters. It is necessary to boost up the ranking in local directory sites such as Trip Adviser, Yelp, Open Table and many more. It is also said that knowledge graph, misspelling and synonyms will create an impact on local search results.

The main goal of the ‘Pigeon’ update is to improve local search results while focusing on traditional organic SEO methods. It has been found that this update can easily deliver accurate and informative local SERP listings on Google search as well as Google maps. Some of the businesses that are affected of this update:

  • Brick and mortar business that primarily focuses on local traffic
  • A chain of land based business that emphasizes on local traffic

If you are simply running an eCommerce site and do not have any physical store, then there is nothing to worry about the Google update.

The web design company will analyze the update and will take the necessary steps. With this update there are many local businesses that may experience a change in their website referrals, business leads and have an impact on overall business. You need to focus on large directories as they will help you gain more benefits compared to small individual locations. Small businesses may encounter some level of change in their rankings and it can either be positive or negative.

It is necessary to make some adjustments that can help the small business to gain maximum amount of benefit from Pigeon update. If you are worried about the update, then following few steps will help to enhance SEO in your local search queries. Observe the list of big directory website and ensure that your business profile is listed in all leading directories. You should always focus on great content, back links, link building and social media to ensure better ranking.

Does your business possess social media profile? Have an organized profile of your business in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ and check the “About Us” section properly to ensure that it contains all the necessary information such as contact details, keyword rich description and website URL. Try to engage your followers on social media and give them opportunity to communicate with business through comments. Your business should monitor the comments posted by audiences on local directory listings and also check on negative feedback.

The web design London maintains an active marketing campaign for small businesses that helps to stay updated along with changing needs of algorithm. One of the important ways that can be followed to keep business ahead is to include Pay per Click Advertising which is an improved online marketing tool. The main purpose of focusing on this marketing tool is that when you have adjustments on the organic listings, you still have the opportunity to hold your rankings in search results.