Websites are a plenty, but well-designed websites – well, they happen to be only a few such websites online and they make all the difference as to whether you’re able to market your product effectively.

When it comes to developing your website from scratch, developers often tend to pay little attention to “Website design” and as a result, most of the new websites have already failed before they go live. This is one of the reasons why so many online businesses go bust, before they have even begun to compete with others. One of the most common reason why so many online visitors hit “flush” on reaching a website is because the website in question is too hard to navigate, and can be termed “clunky”at best. So when it comes to website design, you can follow some of the tips listed below and ensure that you stay on top of your competition.

Ten Ways To Make Your Websute Stand Out

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The Fundamental Truth Of Attractive Website Design:

Make it easy:

The sub heading says it all – when you are selling a product or a service, you need to be sure that you can snag your customers and make sure that they purchase the product. One of the ways to go about it is by making your website easy to navigate, whether it is for booking your order or paying for it through a payment gateway.  The cost for designing a website professionally varies from one provider to the other but when it comes to web design companies or website design companies, it is always a good idea to get a quote, approximation of delivery date,  prior to the actual work being done

Get a good logo set up:

The logo is your identity, so make sure you get a good logo designed and set up, link it with your website, and is displayed prominently. Make sure that you use a high res image, display it on all your pages and link it back to your homepage, so that visitors need only click on it while they are being redirected to your home page.

Intuitive navigation makes all the difference:

Have you ever come across a website where you could not locate the link to the page you wanted, usually a “buy it now” or “register” or a “contact us” link? That’s because the website was not using intuitive navigation. By displaying links to important pages prominently on the left or as a horizontal bar on the top, you would actually be helping your customers locate the information they need, in order to purchase anything. So use counter intuitive scripts and navigation and make it all the more easier for your customers to purchase your product.

Intuitive Navigation

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Overloading the brain:

Most developers tend to go all out with images, using good high res images on the website is a good call for any web developer to take. But there’s a thin line between good sense and “irksome”, so make sure that you use just the right amount of images on the landing page and other relevant pages.  And when it comes to content, some of the web design companies or website design companies often make a rookie mistake of going ahead with a sales pitch that has no end or content that goes nowhere. It was determined from various studies that good quality content, especially the sort that is short, coherent sells more than the long vapid ones. So make sure you keep the content short and to the point.

The color in the mix:

When it comes to webdesign companies or website design companies, it is always a good idea to get a quote, prior to the actual work being done. It is always a good idea to go with a neutral palette for bright, colors may actually result in creating a negative opinion. Do go in for a neutral palette, without the extremely bright shades; strategically color all the important links so that customers can locate the important links without any hassle. Make sure that you give enough room for your visitors to gauge the content and images, don’t overdo it and make sure you space it out.

The landing page:

As every developer knows, be it website design companies or web design companies or just an entrepreneur, the landing page is the primary or important page for any website. But more often than not, users often land on other pages rather than the all-important landing page. So design all your pages as a landing page and ensure that your customers stay put.  Make sure that all the important links are displayed prominently on all the pages; soon it is only a matter of time before customers start flocking around.

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