How to Create Perfect Post on Social Platforms.

Looking to maximize the effectiveness of your social media posts. Social media is become big platform to improve revenue of the business, generating the leads.Huge engagement will happen with users in social media daily we can keep in touch with customers. One more thing is timings of activities in social media will be tricky .Find out the below timings to do posts for user engagement.

Best Times to Post updates in Social Media:

Facebook: (1PM-4PM), Google+: (9AM-11AM), Twitter: (1PM-3PM), Pinterest:(2PM-4PM), (8PM-12AM), Tumblr: (7PM-10PM), LinkedIn: (7AM-9AM)
Worst Times to Post updates in Social Media:

Facebook:(12AM-8AM), Google+: (12AM-8AM), Twitter:( 12AM-9AM), Pinterest: (5PM-7PM), Tumblr: (12PM-4PM), (10PM-12AM), LinkedIn:(10PM-12AM)

Mostly digital marketing and web design company will offer social media marketing service. For more guidance on social media posts look at this info graphic fromĀ MyCleverAgency.

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