Google Penguin 3.0 update or slightly refresh?

Google always keeps coming back with their new updates and groundbreaking rules that simply turn the entire virtual world upside down. Sometimes it is the website design and SEO procedures that are at its gunpoint, and sometimes it is simply the age old trouble with content. The Penguin algorithm from Google had DE-ranked many sites as spam as they bought links or gained more links through the link networks to boost their Google rankings and this lead to the dismissal of many sites. However, it was in April 2012 and since then they have been working on their new update that would refine the websites more. The new update is here and the website design companies are considering it quite closely to make sure that the sites that they design are on top rank.

The Google Penguin 3.0 update is, however, not considered to be an update, but rather a refresh of the previous version of its update. Therefore, it can be said that this is the Penguin 2.2 version of update and not a Penguin 3.0. Although people have been waiting for a year long time to look at this new update from Google, Google itself came up with this confusion in its post regarding this new update.

On one hand; it is mentioned as an update in the title of their post related to this subject, whereas, they mentioned it merely as a refresh of the previous update in the body of that same post. And after carefully considering about its new features and additions and alterations with the previous one, it can be easily inferred that it is not an update, but rather a refreshed version of the old one.

This is because the signals and factors that are used in this one were also used in the previous version of Penguin algorithm. This means that those sites which have followed the previous rules and rectified them will be left from the penalty and Google will penalize new sites as per this algorithm. And therefore, the website designers and cheap web design companies are considering this as merely a refresh of an older version and not a new one.

Whereas a new update would include new factors, features and rules and remove some of the previous ones, this Penguin 3.0 has not done so. It focuses on old features and re-establishes them on each site to make sure that none of the sites are spared of this algorithm. This of course only a refresh as it affected only 1% of the search queries in the entire United States of America, whereas, an update would have an impact of 2% to 3% in almost every neighboring country.

The various website designing companies are taking utmost care of this refresh and not nullifying them for not being an update. This is getting impacted upon website designs and also other SEO services. Therefore, more SEO friendly and search engine friendly website deigns are coming into being.

Even the cheap ecommerce website design companies are also implementing this in their eCommerce website designs. That is the reason why it can be inferred that even eCommerce sites will get easy business and smooth profit due to this Penguin 3.0. As a result, people are relying on SEO companies and website designing services to take care of this algorithm once again and come up with solutions that can help them to rank on top of the search engines. However, it can well be guessed that this refresh was only eyewash to fill the gap that the new update was taking to come into being and it is certainly yet to come.