Google My Business Tool – How It Is Different?

Google introduces a new tool called as google my business tool which helps small business to update, add reviews and make an hangout with their customers online. Google my business tool helps to update business address, contact details, website address and more by using this tool.

Are you running a business on your own? Surely you want it to become visibly big, right? Google will make it possible. At least it promises to do so. The new Google My Business tool is the latest addition to their various tools to promote small businesses and the disasters that the Google search, Google Maps, Google+ and the various other features from Google have had so far, are promised to be fixed by this single tool.

No doubt that it is all about the virtual presence. The more you are seen, the more you will be sold. But, the small businesses always lose it before the big fishes in the market, when it comes to marketing. As it can be managed under one umbrella of Google+, now from one place, you will be able to broadcast your location or your area or the opening hours and also other vital information.

How to start up the process?

When you login to the Google My Business tool, you will get a guided tour, so that you get to understand what the tool is all about and how it can be utilized to interact with potential customers and create a platform for your business. As soon as the tutorial ends, you will find that a page is appearing on your screen where you will be required to provide your basic information like your company address, contact details, your company URL, with what your company deals, what is the category of your company and also your opening timings.

This information will appear on Google+, Google Places, and Google Search.  But the USP of this tool is in the additional features that you can utilize to have a stronger virtual presence and visibility.

Google My Business Tool

Google My Business Tool

  • Share:

With the Google My Business tool, you can share texts, images, videos, links and all your company events to your Google+ profile. Make your customers see how you are unique and build a beautiful interior. And the more you manage to update your information; the customers will find it easier to connect to you.

  • Get reviews:

Every business that uses this platform to promote itself on the small business market, will get a review from Google. This Google rating can be managed and other reviews from around the web can also be seen.

  • Hangout:

Now hanging out with your followers and potential consumers in your circle is easy. The tool offers a single one click button, with which you will be able to join Hangout. The customers will thus easily get in touch with you and your company.

What else do you get?

This is truly a great opportunity that this new Google My Business tool can also be availed through its Android App. So, no matter where you are, you will now get to connect to your consumers, update your profile and always stay visible to the consumers. The iOS App is also going to be launched soon to make this complete. However, no doubt, this new business tool is very helpful and is a complete package.