Fix These 5 Landing Page Mistakes That Web Design Companies Make!

Web design companies

Web design companies

Landing page of a company, entrepreneur or even a blogger is an online representation of its brand. Making major mistakes on the landing page will increase bounce rate while fixing them can double your annual revenue!
However, many web design companies do certain errands, without realizing it is ultimately disrupting the purpose of their work.
Read on to find out whether your designer is making these blunders or not!

1.Too much on the first page!
Putting voluminous information on the homepage is not uncommon. Be it offers, services or discounts – placing them all together on the landing page might ultimately lead a visitor to click on none.
Fix:- The first task is to read the visitors’ mind and place the CTA tabs very strategically. If you are selling services, have a tab on the homepage that will redirect to the service or product.
Do not confuse a visitor with too many options on the homepage. Instead, try to create a fairly impressive picture of the brand in their mind.

2.The CTA button not effective!
Conversions do not take place if the visitors cannot find what they came for. This happens mainly when the CTA button is lost among the clutter of a homepage and is not effective enough!
Fix:- The best web design company London has suggested a great fix for making the CTA prominent. They rely largely on colour psychology, and it is real!
For example, green is a colour that is easiest for the eyes to process. One the other hand, yellow is used for designing e-commerce sites for its warmth and clarity, to grab attention of window shoppers.

3.Poor testimonials
Filling the home page with testimonials that too without appropriate names and photos will divert more traffic than attracting them. Remember, you want visitors’ participation and not overload them with “social proof” of your service quality!
Fix:- A very good way to engage traffic and convert them is asking for testimonials from them that you promise to publish. Remember to ask for a good picture along with the write-up to rouse their interest in your page!

4.Bad typography
Many web designing companies over-ornate the webpage fonts thinking it will attract more traffic.
On the contrary, too much of embellishment to website fonts can make it difficult for visitors to find what they came looking for on your webpage. This reduces chances of their conversion to potential clients.
Fix:- Simplicity is the key
The typography must also be in sync with the design and layout of a website. The simpler and elegant the font, the better it is to convey a message. Best web design companies in London pay maximum importance to this element that accounts for their thriving clients!

5.Not using the language of clients!
A major mistake on the part of content developers is not using a language that is relatable for the target audience. If the content falls short of connecting with the readers, the purpose of conversion fails
Fix:-Make a thorough survey of what the audience is looking for. Have conversations; conduct studies to generate a proper report. Developing content on the basis of this report will make the language of your homepage much more engaging and appealing to readers. Conversion is now only a matter of few minutes!
If you think your traffic is diverted for the fault of your web design company, don’t think twice to opt for another. Web design services London have gained a significant name is providing impeccable designs, layouts, and contents for webpages. You can try them if you wish!