As happens in any other field of design, web design trends come and go over time, largely due to the advancement of technology.

Some of the trends discussed below arise as a result of improvements, continuations or combinations of several techniques. In any case Brand New Trends in Web Design will accompany us this year.
Do you want to know what will be this? Keep reading!

1. Large photos

When we talk about design and screens, the visual is what the boss! A large image, full screen, is the best element we can use to communicate in detail what the Web Design Packages offers. New trend in Cheap Web Design will replace the words and images as multiple sites are doing.

2. Multimedia Experience

And if the images captivate us, what about the videos? This resource is being used increasingly: short videos that provide a brief synopsis of the web some played on loop from the home. Thanks to new trends of Web Design Packages that includes HTML5, by which it is possible to raise a website to a never before thought, with animations and fantastic user experience multimedia design.

3. Supremacy scroll

We have a clear trend of using the scroll in navigating a website, especially in the homepages. Probably one of the main reasons is the increase navigability from mobile devices. When we go to a site from a tablet or a cell phone, clicking on a button and hope that link us to another page can be very tedious. Users expect to be able to move on one page and find all the information they need, especially users from the mobile world.
In addition, it is noteworthy that another trend that comes with the scroll is the addition of aggregate to surf the web, as in the case of animation Boldking, in which the animation is beginning as we go down on the scroll.

4. Storytelling and interaction

Who does not like to hear, read or watch a good story? Another trend of the cheap website design is to do with the ability of these to tell the story of the brand, product, service to which the site belongs. And if there is a possibility that the user can be part of the story through interaction, much better!

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5. Menus mobile from desktop

We are used to the standard model menu on websites, as it is one of the elements that have had fewer changes and users are already used to them. However, the increased use of mobile devices gives us a new trend in cheap website design desktop sites i.e. the use of hidden menus we use for mobile design, by simplifying the display menu.

6. Large Fonts

Typography is one of the key elements of good design. While we want more images than words, the few words we say should be easy to read, attractive, with a quick display on the first page.

7. Flat Design

The flat design is still valid! He wears the crown in the design and for a couple of years keep his job, fortunately, since this kind of minimalist design and fosters offers a very effective communication. This trend is especially found in icons, menus and illustrations.

8. Responsive Web Design

Now more than ever companies need to have web pages that offer a good experience to mobile users. With the trend of Responsive Web Design your website design fit to all device: Smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop.

9. Ghosts Buttons

It is increasingly common to find in a home page with ghost buttons or transparent buttons. These buttons work very well, especially on pages that use photographs or videos of background.

10. Speed and Performance

A marked trend, which has probably given rise to the others, is seeking greater speed and performance of websites. Why? Simple, a better user experience can generate higher conversion. . Therefore, designers and developers continue to investigate new ways to create attractive websites always taking care of the elements used, noting weight and speed.

What trend called you like the most? Would you like to implement some of them in your web? Hire now Companies Web design to design your website!

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