Advanced web design, development techniques and content marketing tips

The internet has become an essential part of our daily routine and became a great platform for several applications designed and developed by various web development companies. Latest website development has cultivated numerous fresh and innovative characteristics to set the design and development methodologies from the conventional software and computer applications. Here are some design, development and content marketing tips to follow-

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Tips for Web Design

Investigation-Before starting the project, have a proper knowledge of your targeted audience and their expectations.

Unique Logo & Pleasant Colors- Logo plays a key role to brand your business and it is not good to have more colors in the website design.

Design Order & Extremes-Maintain everything in a proper manner, safe and secure always.

Use grid Design- Preferably good to have a 12-coloumn grid.

Simple & Trendy-Should have a simple design that follows the latest web design trends.

Test your Designs-Before making it live, test your website thoroughly.

Tips to get Better User-Experience

Responsive Design- Beneficial to have responsive website design as most of the people are using smart phones, tablets and many more.

Easy Navigation-Simple and easy navigation is the most significant factor as it allows the user to visit the desired page.

Buttons & Flow- Use attractive and appealing buttons that can drive your flow smoothly.

Remove Clutter and put Readable Fonts- Don’t put unnecessary elements and ensure all fonts are easily readable on all devices.

Working Links-Make sure all the links on your website are working and have related information.

Anchor texts/Link texts-The website links should provide some quick information to users about the web page they are landing on to.

Short & Auto-Complete Forms-Avoid captchas and allow forms that are auto-completed by the browsers.

Contact Information-Add your contact details at the bottom of your every web page.

Tips for Web Development Tips

Benefits & Security- It is always good to offer special benefits to clients that can fulfil their requirements. Make certain that the website is so secure.

Keep Learning-Keep educating and updating with the latest web development technologies and tools.

Experiment & Outsource- Start experimenting new things and let the coding be done by expert professionals.

Clean & Organized- Maintain each and every work clean and organized.

Speed- The loading time of the website should be less.

Attractive Images- Should have precise content related images. The images should be clear and attractive.

Don’t use Special Effects- Better not to use some special effects that can distract the user’s attention from the content of the website.

Parallax Scrolling & Sticky Footer- Use a simple parallax scrolling and should have the same footer on all web pages.

Content Marketing Tips

Limited web pages-Don’t insert too many web pages and maintain fixed pages.

Homepage- Maintain effective, attractive and complete business content as it is the main page every visitor lands on.

Quality Content- Content is King. This is the best way to communicate with the users.

Photography & Video- Use eye catchy images that are content related. Short and simple videos are good to attract the visitors.

Stay Fresh- Give a fresh appearance to your visitors by updating fresh and quality content frequently.

Maintain a Company Blog- Blog is the best way to show that your business is active and following the latest trends.

Social Media Platforms– Social media is the best platform to brand your business loyalty.

Landing Pages- Each and every page of the website should be designed as the landing pages.

SEO & Ranking– Always good to have SEO friendly website design layouts to rank higher on search engines.

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